The Future of La Cosa Nostra

We have now proven in a court of law, beyond a reasonable doubt, NOT ONLY that there is a mafia, but that there is a commission, that it runs the mafia. – Rudolph Giuliani
FMR US Attorney
Southern District

The narrator on what should be regarded as one of the finest documentary series on TV, National Geographic’s Inside the American Mob (6 episodes), made the following concluding remarks, with final input from participants quoted:

By 2003, the sun’s finally setting on the American Mob. After 70 years as the most powerful organized crime force in the United States, Cosa Nostra is decimated.

The Mob first stumbles in 1970 when mafia boss Joe Columbo steps out of the shadows and into the public eye, and is gunned down shortly thereafter by a mob-hired hitman.

It continues with the landmark infiltration of the Bonano family by FBI agent Joe Pistone, and the prosecution of the leaders of the five families in the commisssion case by US Attorney Rudolph Giuliani in the 1980’s.

Publicity-hungry don John Gotti turns out to be another nail in the coffin in the ’90’s.

But, it all culminates with the betrayal by the last Don Joe Messino, when he becomes the first boss of a family to cooperate with the Federal Government.

Joe Massino’s conviction really was the end of an era for the five families in New York. – Mitra Hormozi
Federal Prosecutor
Eastern District New York

That’s the real deterioration of all their values, all their principles . . . – Rudolph Guilianni
FMR US Attorney
Southern District

The underworld – as I knew it – has been pulverized, pummeled! What there was then, certainly I don’t see, now. – Salvatore Polisi
Gambino Associate

They’re on the run, because the justice department and local law enforcement in those regions, have gone after the mafia with a vengeance! – Edward McDonald
FMR Federal Prosecutor
Eastern District New York

Too much technology. Too many people talking. Too much law enforcement. Too many cameras. You know? Too many people taking pictures. – Jimmy Calandra
Bath Avenue Crew Member

Organized crime still exists. But, it’s not the same. There’s still thugs that hijack, sell dope, and run prostitution and gambling rackets, but it’s nothing like it was. – Jim Kallstrom
Supervisory Special Agent FBI

Is there a handful of real tough guys out there? There’s a handful of guys out there that have good schemes going on? Yeah. To compare it to anything of what it USED to be? Those days are over forever! – Thomas Dades
Retires NYPD Detective

The mob’s downfall is a culmination of a determined, decades-long campaign by law enforecement.

The goal that government had was to denude the Cosa Nostra of all its armaments. They have succeeded. – Bruce Cutler
Principal Attorney to John Gotti