ICANN Replies

Dear Ms. Timmons,

Thank you for your letter to Rod Beckstrom on 12 December 2009, and for your comment submitted on the Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition (BTAPPA) amendment in dot-COM & dot-NET.

The BTAPPA service was first proposed by Neustar in 2006, and approved by the ICANN Board in November 2006 for introduction in dot-BIZ. To the best of our knowledge, no issues have been raised about the operation of the BTAPPA service, including any concerns related to acquisition-related transfers from losing registrars to gaining registrars as part of the service or on the 15-day notice period to registrants. Transfers of domain names from losing registrars to gaining registrars are covered by the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (see http://www.icann.org/en/transfers/). This service does not permit registrars to take names away from registrants.

VeriSign followed the same approach taken by Neustar in seeking to adopt the BTAPPA service in dot-COM and dot-NET, including the notice period to give users 15 days to voluntarily transfer any domain names to a third party registrar of their choice (prior to the bulk transfer) if they do not want to have their domain names transferred to the intended gaining registrar. The losing registrar must ensure that no obstacles are placed in the way of a registrant seeking such a transfer. BTAPPA also provides for an opt-out in the event that a registrant does not wish to have a domain name transferred from the losing registrar to the gaining registrar.

It appears that your concern might be based on a specific domain name issue that is unrelated to the BTAPPA request and amendment. In order for us to know more about your specific issue, please direct that information to David Giza, Senior Director of Contractual Compliance, at david.giza@icann.org.


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Admin Feedback

ICANN has credentials to understand the difference between DOT BIZ and DOT COM.  DOT BIZ represents 2 million domains, and DOT COM is 80 million domains. Are DOT COM and DOT BIZ the same?  No! Yet, ICANN justifies the approval of Verisign’s application for BTAPPA for DOT COM & DOT NET by saying, “To the best of our knowledge, no issues have been raised about the operation of the BTAPPA [for DOT BIZ] service,” in the response published above with permission. Thank you, ICANN, for the permission.

What is ICANN up to?