Moniker Migration – Time of the Essence

Hi, If you have lost domains in the Moniker, or Key Systems, migration, I’d like to advocate for you, to retrieve them. Let’s refer to it as, “Key Systems.” Key Systems bought Moniker two years ago.

Ms. Johnson retrieved three lost domains,, and, in my portfolio. expired May 29th. It is now renewed. My renewals went smooth, and a domain transfer to BlackNight, with transfer code supplied May 29th, also went through.

Key Systems was informed I would report glitches to authorities, which I copied one email to the DOJ, and I reported online to the FBI. I am about to create a video to send 60 Minutes. You will be able to view it at Then, I will assemble some documentation of a behind the scenes syndicate which seeks to poach your and my domains, and snailmail it to concerned agencies in government.

This migration has touched even Elliot Silver at, and Andrew Alleman, who edits Thanx to you two, and Konstantinos Zournas and Acro for your excellent coverage. Konstantinos Zournas, you called it: 10 Steps To Help You Prepare For The New Moniker. NamePros has a lively discussion, here: The new Moniker

If your domains disappeared to the new mystery Registrar, udomainname, or to Netsol and Snapnames, or were past expiration in grace period, or went to auction, I want to know! My email is “louise at” this domain name. If goes mysteriously dark, there is a RecoverDomainName at gmail dot com. Please stay calm.