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Expiration Synchronization – Stay Away!

Verisign promotes ConsoliDate, its Expiration Synchronization service to Registrars to upsell to Registrants – STAY AWAY!!!

It may sound tempting, but having all the expiration dates synchronized to one will make it easier for Registrars to target your entire portfolio at once!

I’m keeping my domain names with all their year-round original expiration dates!

Justice Department Reply

ICANN Bulk Transfer

I respond to your October 31, 2009, letter to the President, with a copy to the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. You suggest that ICANN’s Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition rule, which establishes procedures governing the transfer of a portion of domain names from one registrar to another through an acquisition, may violate the Federal antitrust laws.   ICANN’s bulk transfer rule does not appear to violate the antitrust laws. Continue reading